No 7 Forest Fable Refill

295 kr

A rich scent where leather is in harmony with scents of the forest such as gaiac wood, moss and cedar. Embraced by a gentle tone of incense. A fresh top with jasmine, bergamott and citrus.

Buy 2 get 50% Discount on the second Refill

No 1 Blackwood Refill

Imagine a quiet moment in front of a crackling fire, with the wind roaring outside. This mild, mysterious scent fills the room with smoky cedarwood and spicy clove leaf, entwined with elements of vanilla, rose and jasmine

No 2 Dry Vetiver Jar

No 2 might be our most various jar with many shifts in beautiful green and gray and both matt and glossy.

No 4 Amber Rose Refill

An experience like the pleasant warmth of the sun, combined with the sweet scent of a beautiful rose. This fragrance is floral yet elegant and allows you to delight in the fresh scent of a rose enriched with amber, cedarwood and the fruity notes of lemon and blackcurrant.

No 5 Banira Wood Refill

A sensual and subtle scent with an oriental character: a warm and enveloping combination of vanilla flower, musk, cedar and sandalwood as a base, surrounding a blooming heart of jasmine and heliotrope topped by blackcurrant, pears, bergamot, tangerine and cardamom. The addition of Galbanum balances the sweetness of the vanilla, adds some bitterness and imbues the scent with a powdery gentleness.

No 6 Epic Eucalypt Refill

Let yourself be seduced by this wonderfully fresh scent. Not unlike the feeling of a refreshingly cool breeze on a hot day, the clean and powerful scent of Eucalyptus is perfectly matched with the sweetness of Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. In our opinion, with its fresh, woody and yet rich character, Epic Eucalypt is the ultimate bathroom scent.

Bouquet No8 Honey Holiday Refill

Honey Holiday has a rich base of amber, tonka bean, patchouli and honey. With a heart of tobacco and sandalwood. And an exciting top of citrus and cinnamon. Some say that the tonka bean has magical powers. No. 8, Honey Holiday Quods is the most cheeky scent to date. Smooth and full-bodied, but at the same time odd, exciting and powerful.

No9 Cypress(C )Hill

This mysterious scent has an unusual complexity. A fresh and dry fragrance of pine and rich woody notes. It has an almost meditative smokiness but at the same time a lively freshness.
Tones that make you travel in time and space and bring your thoughts to freshly planed wood.

The scent has a powerful, slightly sweeter base with hints of both cypress, amber and patchouli. A deep heart of forest, with tones of wood such as agar, cedar and gaiac. As well as interesting top notes of incense, saffron and cypress.

The cypress is present in all layers of this fragrance, giving it its wonderful fresh scent of pine and citrus.

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